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Slalom system: SLT tractor mixer



The SLT slalom mixer for tractor drive is particularly suitable for small circuits (100 m).

The agitator is permanently installed and can be fitted with a bi-directional or angular gearbox as required. A retrofit to electric drive with gears is also possible.

The special shape of the stainless steel Peters propeller and the adjustable counter blade ensure optimal chopping and homogenisation of slurry that contains straw.


Technical details


  • Tube length 4m - 6m
  • Also available up to 8m
  • Mixer available in V2A
  • Shaft supported by 3 bearings:
    > ball bearings (45 mm) at the tractor end
    > intermediate bearing for stabilisation
    > bronze bearing with triple sealing and VG680 oil bath lubrication
  • V2A stainless steel propeller (2 blades): double reinforcement (Ø 600 mm)
  • User-friendly drive system for connection to tractor
  • Galvanized and reinforced main tube coated with epoxy resin
  • Counter-cutting blade on the ring propeller that contains straw
  • Rotations: 800 rpm in short-term use, 540 rpm in normal use

Electric drive can be retrofitted at any time on request!




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