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Our mixers


Electric Slurry Mixer

Our powerful, low maintenance, easy to install SLE electric mixers (11kw, 15kw, 18.5kw, 22kw) achieve optimal mixing of the slurry through daily use. They also maximize yield when pumping out the slurry cellar and ensure uniform spreading of the manure. The drive unit is located outside the slurry in a sealed, fully galvanized housing, this means that it is completely protected from external weather conditions.

Tractor-driven agitator

Our powerful, low-maintenance and user-friendly PTO mixers are ideally suited for simple as well as hard-to-reach fill cellars.

Tractor-driven agitator S

Thanks to their special features, our tractomixers S are suitable for agitating slurry in slurry tanks or slurry pits which are difficult to access.