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For better stirring efficiency!

Stirrers for biogas plants since 1990


New dimensions for efficient stirring systems


This is how your stir !


Stirring equipment is core to biogas production. It is the ‘heart‘ of your biogas plant.

Be it for biogas digesters, secondary digesters or digestate storage, the right stirring equipment must offer maximum flexibility and be able to agitate demanding, long-fibre feedstock with high dry-matter contents. This also applies to agricultural, municipal and industrial waste.

Whether you are building new plants or repowering existing ones, Peters will closely cooperate with you to plan the stirrers according to your needs, and tailor them to your specific plant and substrates.
Same as you do for your global project, we attach great importance to proper rating and dimensioning and the right choice of materials for your stirrer.


Stirrers - that's our job !


Peters - a family-run business, practical-minded and rooted in tradition. It all started at the end of
the 1960‘s with the development of a small mixer for the underfloor manure pit of a loose housing
Peters has been planning and manufacturing stirrers for biogas plants and agricultural farms for 20 resp. 35 years.
Independence, personal commitment and a high level of specialist skills have been the trademarks
of our family-run company for generations.
We are in close and personal contact with our customers and involve them in the planning at
a very early stage. Customer-oriented development processes are the foundation of a successful


Your benefits :


  • Excellent reliability through proven technology
  • Optimum mixing effect even with demanding substrates such as manure and grass silage
  • Stirrer replacement possible at all times without draining the tank
  • No plant downtime and therefore no loss of energy production during maintenance and replacement of stirrers
  • Maintenance-friendly design and robust materials
  • Stirrer development based on extensive practical experience
  • Highest safety standards for installation and operation
  • Long life and low maintenance due to the use of quality components




Stirrers - not off-the-shelf


Peters offers technically mature solutions for substrate mixing, ranging from small plants (75 kW) to megawatt-sized plants.
Thanks to a strict focus on the development and production of stirrers for agricultural and biogas applications we can do most of our manufacturing in-house. This not only results in mature products but also enables us to better accommodate individual customer wishes at an early stage.
None of our products was ever designed solely on the drafting board, they are all based on practical requirements.
Key to our success is the extensive use of our own proprietary components.

Our customers can be assured that all products supplied by us conform to the highest technological and safety standards.
Our choice of high-grade materials contributes to safe installation, high quality standards and usability across a wide range of substrates.