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Agitators for biogas technology


The agitator is the most important component in biogas technology. It is the “heart” of an anerobic digestion plant.

Whether it is for the digester, secondary digester or the end storage tank – the right mixing technology must be able to deal with an extensive range of feedstocks. It must be able to stir fibre rich feedstocks with a high DM content. It must also be able to cope with waste from agriculture, general refuse and



Whether you are constructing a new plant or repowering an existing one – Peters will plan the mixing system with you, so that it is perfectly suited to your needs and the demands of your feedstock.

Dosing system

In order to operate your plant efficiently and economically, you need safe and efficient biogas technology.

Fermenter feeding has an important key function here.

Paddle mixer

The defining characteristic of Paddle mixers is that they mix slowly and evenly.

Paddle mixers are especially suited to challenging feedstocks and those with a high concentration of dry matter.

Long-axis agitator

Available in various versions, the Fermento is suitable for use in fermenters, post-digestors, final storage and pre-pits.