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Stationary mixer

The SLT slalom mixer for tractor drive is particularly suitable for small circuits (100 m).

The agitator is permanently installed and can be fitted with a bi-directional or angular gearbox as required. A retrofit to electric drive with gears is also possible.

Three-point STD

Our powerful, low-maintanence STD mixer, with a three-point hitching system and hydraulic cylinder is especially suitable for smaller spaces.


Due to its characteristic mobility and flexibility it has a whole host of applications.

Lagoonmix LA6

The V2A stainless steel mixing paddles and counter blades in the LA6 make short work of shredding straw in sediment layers.

The specially developed bearing seal with oil bath lubrication is perfect for medium to large open pits and lagoons. Electric drive of up to 22 kW is also available.

Jumbomix JU7

The Jumbomix is a fully hot-dip galvanized slurry agitator equipped with a high-performance pressure propeller made of reinforced stainless steel as standard. 


It is the ideal choice for large open pits.

Frame extension

A Jumbo mixer JU7 with a frame extension is perfect for reaching over a wall or mound.


The frame extension with quick-coupling for the lower link is available in three lengths: 3m, 4m and 5m.