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A successful team



Our origins

We started out developing and building manure mixers. But, 20 years ago we began to design mixers for the biogas industry. Today our products help to produce electricity, biogas and heat from renewable raw materials. As a partner for numerous biogas entrepreneurs and farmers, we play an active role in the renewable energy industry. Our customers include farmers, cooperatives and energy providers. We still focus on the development and construction of slurry mixers for agriculture, but with the production of agitators for biogas plants and in particular our EXCENTRO V paddle mixer we have built up a successful new pillar of our business.



Our focus

We specialise in the development of stirring systems. Peters Mixer has been planning and building agitators for agriculture for over 35 years and for the biogas industry for over 20 years. Since the company was founded our focus has always been on the development and the construction of mixing systems. This profound specialisation is what makes us stand out from the crowd. By constantly developing our products and honing their practical application we, as a family business, can guarantee our customers a versatile and extensive product portfolio.




Martina & Jean-Marc Peters



Many of our staff have been working with us for years – just like with our customers, we place a great emphasis
on long-term relationships."

Martina Peters