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Jumbomixer JU7/JU8 tractor mixer

Jumbo loves big jobs


The Jumbomix is a fully hot-dip galvanized slurry agitator equipped with a high-performance pressure propeller made of reinforced stainless steel as standard.  It is the ideal choice for large open pits.

As it is particularly robust and designed for high-performance stirring it needs tractor
power of at least 120 bhp. The agitator blades are specially designed to easily shred and stir large quantities of slurry. A counter blade made of stainless steel finely chops straw and other fibers in the mix.

All wear and tear parts can be ordered as kitsand can be replaced quickly and easily.

Using extensions the frame can be extendedup to 13m.

Technical details

  • Shaft supported by 4 bearings (Ø 50 mm)
  • Ball bearings at the tractor end
  • 2 intermediate bearings for stabilisation
  • Bearing reinforced by 2 conical tapered roller bearings and
    a spherical roller bearing in oil bath on the agitator blades
  • Fully hot-dip galvanized frame construction
  • Hochleistungs- Edelstahlrührflügel verstärkt (Ø625 mm)
  • Reinforced high-performance stainless-steel agitator blades
    (Ø 650 mm)
  • Stainless steel counter blades on the ring propeller
  • Stable three-point hitch system
  • Two-way hydraulic cylinder to control the insertion angle,
    also available with two cylinders
  • Thick-walled main tube: Ø 127 mm
  • Tooth splined shaft: 6-1¾“
  • Support feet included as standard
  • Doppelwirkender Hydraulikzylinder regelt den Einführwinkel optional mit zwei Zylindern lieferbar
  • Standard lengths: 6m, 7 m, 8m
  • Total weight: about 450 kg
  • Rotations:
    1000 rpm in short-term use, 750 rpm in normal use
  • Tractor power: min. 120 bhp

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