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Everything from one source


Our customers receive everything from one source: from individual planning and consulting to production, control and maintenance. This means that all of our mixers have a high level of vertical integration, and we guarantee consistently high quality. This is how we are able to produce mixers that are highly efficient in their stirring power.


Construction experience

In our design department we are constantly honing our products. Sophisticated 3-D modelling makes our work easier but most of our products are still inspired by the drive to make the daily work on a farm easier. The data gained from every-day practice then forms the basis for the computer-aided production in our factory.

Distribution partnerships

We work with experienced national dealers, because for us distribution does not only mean selling products. Before our mixers are installed, our representatives consult with the customer in great detail and advised them on the right solution for their needs. But the relationship does not end there. Our sales staff stay in touch with our customers and continue to support them with advice and assistance.

Slurry available at all times

Some of our mixers are fitted with control devices. This technology is highly user-friendly and ensures the regularity of the stirring rhythm. This means that our customers can be sure that they have access to a homo­genous slurry mixture even at short intervals and at any time.


Our mixers and components are all constructed in our workshops. All drive parts (bearings, seals, motors, etc.), as well the control components, come from well-known European manufacturers that have been loyal to us for many years. The individual components of the mixers are manufactured in our plant, assembled and then prepared for transportation to the customer’s location. The delivery is carried out using our specialised transport vehicles. We rely on a highly experienced team of about 20 employees at our headquarters in Eupen in Belgium. They form the foundation of our business model and enable us to be an international player.

Your benefits

Our agitators make life easier for farmers. And here are some more advantages that speak for us:

  • high quality materials guarantee sturdyness and durability.
  • thanks to their user-friendly controls our products can be quickly put into operation.
  • the design of our products has grown out of many years practical experience in the field.
  • we have the right solutions for demanding feedstocks and difficult conditions.


Each product that leaves our workshop is
accompanied by expert service. In addition to advice, our employees also ensure the swift delivery of spare parts.

From order confirmation to delivery – all of the stages involved in the production of our products are united under one roof. This strategy has proved itself again and again, with the continued satisfaction of our customers.