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Peters Mixer - Slurry mixers directly from the manufacturer 


We offer you technically mature solutions for the mixing of substrates from small plants (75kW) up to plant sizes in the MW range.

The consistent focus on the development and construction of agitators for agriculture and the biogas sector allows us a high vertical range of manufacture. This not only results in sophisticated products, but also enables us to respond to the individual needs of our customers at an early stage.

No product has been created on the drawing board, but from the requirements of practice.

The central element of our success is, on the one hand, the high proportion of components developed in-house. The customer can be sure to purchase a product with the highest technology and safety standards. High-quality material enables a wide range of substrate applications, safe assembly and high quality standards. 

Jumbomix JU7

The Jumbomix is a fully hot-dip galvanized slurry agitator equipped with a high-performance pressure propeller made of reinforced stainless steel as standard. 


It is the ideal choice for large open pits.

STS Combimix

The agitator type STS Combimix is ideal to be inserted into small pit openings (80 x 80cm) thanks to its pivoting device.


The agitator is optionally available with hydraulic swivel device and change-over gear.

Paddle mixer Excentro V

The defining characteristic of Paddle mixers is that they mix slowly and evenly.


This means that the bacteria in the mix is constantly fed, thus promoting the undisturbed anerobic breakdown of the biomass.

Paddle mixer Excentro S

Based on this sophisticated and highly reliable technology Peters have developed the EXCENTRO S paddle stirrer.


Just like its partner system, its special advantage is that all of the maintenance and replacement work on the EXCENTRO S can be carried out without emptying the digester.