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STS Combimix

The agitator type STS Combimix is ideal to be inserted into small pit openings (80 x 80cm) thanks to its pivoting device.


The agitator is optionally available with hydraulic swivel device and change-over gear.

SPS Combimix

The SPS Combimix is the ideal agitator for mixing slurry in raised tanks or difficult to access slurry pits.


Thanks to the combination of two double-acting cylinders and a t-gearbox this mixer can be used in different positions.


SPX Combimix

The unique kinematics on this mixer make it possible to swivel up to 170° without having to get off the tractor or reclamp the cardan shaft.


The SPX Combimix is suitable for use in a raised slurry tank or in slurry pits that are difficult to access.