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The Methabolix


Based on our decades of experience in the manufacture of agitators for agriculture and biogas plants, we have developed our "Methabolix" power package.

It can be installed laterally into the concrete wall, from above through the concrete ceiling or over the roof frame "Methabox". The installation can also be carried out with the tank filled.

As with all Peters agitator systems, maintenance or repair can be carried out conveniently, as the agitator can be removed without emptying the fermenter. The agitator Methabolix is not only an option for new plants, but also for the extension of existing plants.



Technical details


  • Stirrer type: Methabolix
  • Nominal power: 18.5 and 22 kW
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Miscellaneous: Suitable for FU 30-75 Hz
  • Gear type: planetary gear or hollow shaft gear
  • Lubrication: synthetic oil filling ISO VG 220
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • ATEX marking Motor: ATEX II 2G - Exd IIC T4
  • ATEX marking Gear unit: ATEX II 2G T4
  • Segmented tube lengths: 2000mm - 4000mm - 6000mm - 8000mm
  • Thick-walled outer tube: 7.4 mm stainless steel Ø168 mm
  • The bearing of the agitator is located as a cartridge in the inner reinforcement tube
  • Bearing arrangement on the agitator blade consisting of 2 tapered and spherical roller bearings

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