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Mixer installation in air-supported roofs for flexible gas storage

Maximising biogas potential with efficient agitators from Peters Mixer

Eupen, October 2017. Whether you use a paddle-stirrer for demanding substrates or a rod agitator, which can be retroactively installed in the container – powerful mixing performance has a significant impact on efficiency. For over 20 years Peters Maschinenbau, Eupen, Belgium, has been building and developing agitator systems for the biogas industry. One of our most proven systems is the EXCENTRO V paddle stirrer, which was specially developed for difficult substrates.

Based on this sophisticated and highly reliable technology Peters have now developed the EXCENTRO S paddle stirrer. This an oblique version of the renowned EXCENTRO V (vertical) agitator system. Just like its partner system, its special advantage is that all of the maintenance and replacement work on the EXCENTRO S can be carried out without emptying the digester. Now this even applies to digesters with flexible gas storage instead of concrete covers. For operators this means the minimum amount of downtime for the plant.

Just like the EXCENTRO V, the EXCENTRO S also has a gear reducer motor with an output of between 7.5 and 15 kW. High quality and robust materials guarantee smooth low-maintenance operation. The EXCENTRO S paddle stirrer system is available in three versions with 4, 6, or 8 paddles. The full diameter of the system is 3 m and the length is between 5 and 10 m. The EXCENTRO S not only ensures optimum efficiency in new plants, it can also be installed to upgrade existing plants.

The newly developed "Methabox System", a built-in option for flexible gas storage, such as air-supported roofs, was developed especially for flexible gas membranes. Air-supported roofs or foil roofs are often used as flexible biogas storage tanks and gas-tight silo covers for biogas plants. The biogas that is produced is collected above the liquid level of the respective digester and safely stored temporarily in a so-called double-membrane or film storage.

These air-supported roofs mainly consist of a PE film and an outer weather protection film made of PVC. The dome shape provides maximum storage volume. However, for the installation of biogas agitators this construction poses a greater challenge than the installation in concrete or wooden covers. That is why Peters Mixer have developed the new "Methabox System", which is easy to install even in air-supported roofs.

As one of the leading manufacturers of stirrer systems, Peters Maschinenbau GmbH specializes in consulting and the planning and production of agitators for the biogas industry and has a broad range of products for agriculture. In addition to placing great emphasis on high quality materials and the robustness, longevity and efficiency of their products, Peters expertly advises their customers from the planning stage to the installation of the agitators. With a biogas agitator from Peters, customers choose technologically advanced products that benefit from 20 years of experience and know-how.

Company profile:

As one of the leading manufacturers of stirrer systems, Peters Maschinenbau GmbH specialises in consulting and the planning and production of agitators for the biogas industry and agriculture. This international company, with customers in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, France and England, has more than 35 years’ experience in the biogas sector. Their product portfolio ranges from paddle stirrers (vertical / oblique) to rod mixers to solids dispensers. In addition to their longevity and efficiency, an essential feature of stirrers from Peters is the high level of ease during maintenance and replacement, as the agitators with an external motor can be serviced or replaced without emptying the digester. With its extensive expertise, Peters supplies both small-scale plants (75 kW) and biogas plants in the MW scale.

Peters Maschinenbau GmbH is a member of the Biogas Association. For more information, visit www.peters-mixer-com.

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