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About us

In 1985 Bernard Peters and his wife Maria laid the foundation for the company's ongoing success story. Coming from an agricultural background and drawing on his experience in repairing machinery in a large steel mill, he and his brother had already set up one of the very first free stall barns with basement on their parents' farm in the Eiffel region of Belgium in the early 1970's. From this time also dates the first liquid manure mixer which is indispensable for this type of barn.

In 1994/95 he acquired a plot and built a new production shop in the industrial estate of Eupen. Due to the company's rapid growth, however, this building quickly became too small and the first extension was built in 1997, soon to be followed by others.

The company designed the first agitators for biogas plants as early as 1998. Even today the range of products is continuously being updated and optimized.

Since the last extension in 2012, the building now covers the entire plot of land, offering more than 3,000 square metres of floor space for modern production facilities and storage. For more than 25 years now we've been developing and manufacturing slurry mixers for use with raceway systems, open-air pits, lagoons, aboveground tanks or biogas plants.

Today the company is run by Jean-Marc Peters, the founder's son.