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Slalommixer SLE

  • Reference: SLE111
  • 3534098240521
  • Brand: Mixer
  • Electric motor (from 11 kW to 22 kW)

    Electric motor contained in a sturdy galvanized enclosure

    Shaft supported by 3 bearings: ball bearing (45 mm) at the tractor end, intermediate bearing for stabilization, and bronze bearing with quadruple sealing and oil bath lubrication

    Stainless steel propeller (2 blades): double reinforcement  Ø 600 m

    Drive system for connection to tractor PTO (up to 800 r.p.m.)

    Special clamping tube for mixer attachment in mixing tank

    Water-tight switchbox

    Galvanized and reinforced main tube coated with epoxy resin

    Cutter knife at the propeller